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10 Tips To Supercharge Your Website

10 Tips To Supercharge Your Website

As more and more businesses go digital, maintaining your online presence is crucial to your chances of survival and success. An effective website is one of the most important ways of ensuring a successful digital presence. However not all websites are created equal and being one of the leading Web Design Companies in Bangalore, based on our experience here are some tips to educate you on increasing the efficacy of your website.

1. Prominently Display Your Value Proposition

Your mission statement or value proposition succinctly describes your brand and the kind of product or services you are offering. Your website visitors should have no trouble finding out what your brand is and does, so ensure that your value proposition is placed prominently on the front page. Try incorporating it into your headline so that it is one of the first things that website visitors will read.

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2. Intuitive Website Navigation

Website navigation has two main roles; it helps users find the specific information they are looking for and it helps improve your search engine optimization score.

Always keep in mind that you are building your website for people, not site crawlers and as a result your navigation texts should be descriptive, using words that are commonly used by your target audience when searching for products or services online. The goal is to get them to where they want to go by using as few clicks as possible.

Honeycomb being the Best Web Development company in Bangalore, we build intuitive and SEO friendly website.

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3. Effective Call to Action Texts

The success of your Call to Action buttons or CTA plays a massive role in gauging the performance metrics of your website. It is important to remember that all CTA's should be written in 1st person voice and should always start with a verb examples “Call Us Today” “Subscribe to our newsletter” “Pay with Card” “Join our mailing list” 

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4. Attractive Call to Action Colors

One of the most important factors when it comes to creating effective CTAs is the color element. CTA buttons that are of the same color as the website background are more difficult to locate compared to those with contrasting colors. If the site has a predominantly white or blue background then it is better to have a CTA color that is on the opposite spectrum such as orange or yellow.

5. Not only for the nearsighted

Time for an experiment. Fire up your website on your favorite browser. Now walk 10 feet away from the desktop. Are you still able to understand what the brand is offering, for a more effective experiment get someone not familiar with your website to do the same thing. If they can’t tell then that means the messaging is in need of fine tuning.

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6. Easy on the Carousels

It has become pretty common for many websites to have a carousel format when it comes to displaying their products or services, however you need to have a look at the data to see how effective they are. Studies suggest that 3 slides are ideal when it comes to the carousel format as people lose interest very quickly after the first few slides.

Also ensure that the slides don’t move automatically as users find it very distracting and are unable to focus on the relevant information.

They also tend to be more successful in terms of click-through rates when viewed through mobile screens.

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7. Social Endorsements are Key

Highlight your social credentials as a credible source of information and knowledge by including testimonials from relevant and popular social influencers.

8. Don’t neglect Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials are not essential in the grand scheme of things, i.e. don’t build pages specifically for testimonials after all when was the last time you read visited a web page that was solely devoted to them. Instead try and weave them into your product or service catalog pages.

People will not go out of their way to read about others praising you. Find a way to get those messages in front of them without being too blunt about it.

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9. Not only mobile friendly but mobile-first

In the early days of smartphone adoption, having a website that could be accessed easily on a phone was considered good enough. However times have drastically changed, the vast majority of internet users in India access it almost solely through mobile. So it’s now more important than ever to have a website that is built with that philosophy in mind from the ground up.

10.  Contact forms or email addresses?

It’s important to have a data-driven approach when it comes to designing a website. Contact forms are an ideal feature when it comes to capturing as much information as possible from your website visitors. You can set up goals whenever visitors submit a form, judge the conversion rate of your pages by utilizing different layouts and much more.

And there you have it, 10 tips on improving your website.If you want to redesign your website, Honeycomb Creative Support is the one stop solution for your rebranding. We are the leading Web Design Company in Bangalore.

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