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How will SEO help you to grow your business?

Did you know that SEO is an important part of digital marketing? If you have decided to take your business online and have created a website, it is now time to optimize it so that your target audience can find you. Search engine optimization or SEO refers to optimizing a website’s content, such as images, keywords and texts so that popular search engines like, Google, Yahoo and Bing can easily find the website and place it on the first page of the search engine results. So, it is safe to say that if you want to enjoy a top 5 ranking and appear on the first page of the SERPs, you have to judiciously invest in SEO. A properly optimized website is easily visible in the web space and that helps to bring an increased amount of traffic to the website. Needless to say, more visitors mean more opportunities for conversion that leads to more sales and increased revenue. Still don’t believe that SEO can improve your business and help you flourish in the online world? Here are some reasons to con…

Campaign Case Study - #LoveUMom

We, at Honeycomb, did a social media campaign, #LoveUMom, keeping in line with our motto “We don’t just create prints or marketing strategies, we create relationships”. For our campaign, we made use of the popular social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. We ran the campaign in both our social media pages of Honeycomb and Photoshop to celebrate Mother’s Day. Through our campaign, we celebrated the love that is so innately visible right from the first time a mother holds her child. We have portrayed mothers who go all out for their babies and continue to nurture and love them throughout their lives. Campaign Creatives on Facebook For the posts that we boosted, we made use of images and videos. 1.One showed a woman holding her baby close to her, feeding her. For this, we spent $15 and the cost per result was $0.02.The reach is 8545 (6,383 paid and 2,162 organic). The engagement is 966, likes 955 and shares 15. The comments took a hit with just 2 comments. There …