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How does a brochure help you to market your services?

Did you know that a majority of organizations still make use of brochures? Yes, it is in fact true. Even in today’s technology-driven world where everything is at your fingertips (thanks to the Internet!), brochures albeit traditional still continue to firmly hold their ground as an integral part of printed marketing collateral.
A brochure is a tangible marketing tool and if made creatively, will definitely be a collectible item that your target audience will love to collect and take home. And as you know, anything that looks tempting is bound to attract attention and compel people to at least browse through.
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So, do you still doubt the power of brochure? Take a look below to rest your dilemma once and for all.
·      Offer information with visual appeal – The first thing that customers look for when availing a service is information. They want to know what you are offering, why you are offering, what are the benefits, the price and how will it benefit them. Brochures are a great medium to showcase service-specific information. With a bi or tri fold brochure, you will also get a lot of space to properly explain your service, along with complementing images.
·      Easy distribution – You may argue that online distribution is easier, but honestly, how many people use Internet? You don’t have to look too far. Most parents and grandparents are not too net-savvy. Then, how will they become aware of a new service being offered? The answer is brochures. Brochures can be placed across a wide location and it can even be mailed to potential customers. It can be distributed during events, retail outlets or with newspapers and so on.
·      Cost-effective marketing tool – Brochures are the ideal option for companies with a tight budget. The price of brochures can further decrease if ordered in bulk. This way, you can market your service to a wide range of audience inexpensively. Also, once you have the design and layout of the brochure, you can print some more, if need be. Such facilities are not there with other traditional mediums of marketing or even digital marketing.
brochure samples

·      Helps to build trust – Believe it or not, marketing your service, via brochures will help you to become up-close-and-personal with your target audience. With so many news polluting the search engines, a lot of people have started relying less on the information available online. Even if your company is doing great work and offering great service, there might be people thinking that it is just a gimmick, if it is only found on the Internet. With a brochure, you will be cementing your credentials and customers will trust you.
·      Lends a personality to a business – When a brochure is read by a potential client or customer, it encourages a one-to-one communication. There is nobody else involved. It is just you (through your brochure) and your potential customer. This is what makes a brochure personal and also gives your brand a personality.
·      Establishes authority of a business – Why do you think people are still interested in business cards? This is because just online is not enough. Your audience needs to know that you are an entity and not a Siri. They need to know that you are approachable. Brochures show that you are willing to invest in your clients and customers. It gives them the confidence to invest in you, purchase from you. And just like that, your marketing strategy is a success.
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What should you remember when marketing with brochures?
Now that you know that brochures indeed help you to market your service to a large audience, there is one thing that you must remember – do not be skimpy with design and printing. If you do not pay emphasis on good design, great color combination and right paper for printing, your marketing strategy will be doomed from the very start. Don’t worry, there are professional designing companies that can definitely help you out with this.
It is all about capturing the attention of your target audience. That is the secret of a great marketing strategy. Make your brochure speak volumes about your business, your brand, your service and your business objectives. Make the readers feel like that they are a part of the organization too. Let your brochure promote the start of a newfound, long-lasting relationship.
So, what are you still waiting for? Introducing a new service or bringing back an old one? Announce it to the world with the help of well-designed brochures!
brochure samples

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