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(Infographic) Why Creating A Personal Online Experience Is Critical:

The web is so ubiquitous in our lives—for both consumers and businesses—that it has become one of the single most important ways for brands to communicate with their buyers. And these buyers not only expect your website to be a resource, but they expect it to be personal, especially if you already have a relationship with them. So how can you deliver on these high expectations?  Web Personalization: A Critical Tool for Every MarketerIt all starts with web personalization. Effective web personalization makes real-time changes to your website based on the attributes of your visitors. These changes, that occur in milliseconds, deliver a personal experience to your visitor at the exact moment that they are on your site, which makes their experience more relevant and engaging. In fact, according to a study by eMarketer, more than 85% of internet users specifically expectandaccept personalization as a part of their online retail experience.  Engage Customers Wherever They AreWhile this person…

Wallpaper designs that glittered on the interior of client’s office - Case Study

Client: The Manufacturers of  automotive equipment and factory automation products.
Product: Manufacturers of transportation systems, automotive equipment, and factory automation products.
Clients requirement:
üTo design Ten Wallpaper of varied sizes (from 5 feet to 20 feet). üTo design an attractive signage. üTo print ten Wallpaper on high-end 3M quality paper. üTo pack and deliver ten Wallpaper to the client’s office located in Peenya, Bengaluru.
The Marketing manager from the Client’s office visited Honeycomb creative support office and explained their Wallpaper design need for their office interior decoration. The client was shown some of the similar sample design works of Honeycomb. The client in turn, briefed about the creative works to be carried out and gave approval for the same.
Honeycomb creative support is a multi-channel graphic design agency based out of Koramangala, Bangalore. Honeycomb handles the multiple graphic design works along with fine-art-printing and web developmen…

Is your Marketing Communication Design Enchanting?

Today, in the global market, we see a variety of marketing communications which are trying to influence buyers by hook or crook. Nevertheless, most of them are failing to bring in the desired results. It is essential to understand the intricacies of marketing communications. An advertisement, which makes a bold announcement, may not do the job at all. Hence, a deeper understanding of customer’s heartbeat, which can simply enchant them is the need of the hour. Let us see the five factors which tell us how to enchant the customers. 
1) Synchronise:
A highly colourful and bold (Screaming!) marketing design will not just attract the customers. There are many factors which account to the attractiveness of a communication design. A light but cool colour theme, a simple but effective layout, and a very layman’s words which talk about the product will do the wondrous job. These three aspects easily synchronize with the common man and hence holds good to all target audience.  Therefore, be it a …

How to Fix the Website Blunders That Are Costing You leads?

While the saying goes that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, the hard reality is that most of the time people do. This is especially true when it comes to your website. While every business wants to have a well-designed website that puts them in the best light, it needs to hit on all the right marks: be responsive, look good, and accurately reflect their overall branding message. In fact, these aspects are all essential in today’s digital world. So is your website putting your business in the best light? Does it do a good job of capturing leads and generating sales? A good website for a B2B company does thisand more, it: ·Acts as a source for new prospects and leads, and moves them through the sales funnel ·Sets you up as the go-to resource in your industry ·Increases your credibility with your audience
If your website fails to hit the marks the above, then you’re in trouble. Let’s look at three of the biggest website mistakes that are costing you leads and how you can fix them: 1. Y…