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A Multi-Design Work that Established the Trust Factor- Case Study

Client: A Revolutionarytractor and farm equipment rental company
Product: Tractors and implements for hire.

Clients requirement: One story brochure of twelve pages, one dangler, and one snake & ladder game design: 

A Revolutionary tractor and farm equipment rental company, approached Honeycomb creative support for the design of story brochure, dangler, and snake & ladder game design. Honeycomb creative support is a multi-channel graphic design agency based out of Koramangala, Bangalore.  Honeycomb handles the multiple graphic design works along with fine-art-printing and web developmental services. 
The client visited the Koramangala office of Honeycomb and briefed the creative director about her requirement.  The client provided the story concept along with needed contents. The creative director, in turn, allotted the design work to four experienced designers.   
Challenges: To draw characters that would match the story concept.To design twelve pages of story brochure along with …

The Four E's of Corporate Video

Educating, Entertaining, Expressive, Easily-accessible:
Modern day’s digital world is devouring the corporate videos like a hungry wolf. Surprisingly, the consumption rate of such videos has drastically soared up. People, irrespective of age and gender, are very open to this trendy marketing communication.  As per a survey, approximately 60 % of the business (be it of any kind) have one or more Corporate Videos in their bag and are using the same to market themselves successfully. Now, let us see four ‘E’ reasons which account for the rise of corporate film consumption.  

1) Educating:
The basic purpose of any corporate videos is to educate people about the products/services of the business.  Owing to the creativeness of marketing communication design agencies, the businesses are educating their target audience amicably. Since the corporate films come with a creative story, people love watching it.  This very aspect gives rise to the consumption of Videos.  Today in the market, we see ma…

Uncover the Powerful Website Analytics that Provide Value

If you’re not tracking your website analytics, it’s time to step it up. Contrary to more traditional marketing channels, your website and web analytics are direct, specific, and measurable. So what exactly is website analytics? A good definition I often use is “The qualitative and quantitative analysis of your website and your competitors’ websites for the continuous optimization of business outcomes for all channels, both online and offline”.
Essentially, you don’t need to use good ol’ faith any longer. Now you can use data to measure the things that drive revenue for your business. The benefits of robust website analytics include an increase in accountability within your organization, finding the best solutions faster, and delivering better business outcomes through enlightened decision making.
To discover the “Why” of your website’s performance, implement these five processes

1. Web Activity Analysis: As we mentioned above, this will tell you what is happening on your website and can…

Much Ado about Branding.

Branding is nothing but a process involved in creating a unique name, slogan and picture (Logo) of a product in the minds of people so that they can easily recognize it. Branding is done through various kind of advertisements and campaigns. Branding also highlights the significant difference between different products/services. Branded logo, slogans, and names help the customer to identify their desired/admired products easily. Now let us see the four reasons that tell us the important advantageous aspect of brand building in business.

1) Branding turns the product into a household name:
Branding is necessary to make it familiarize among the people. Many of the products are just recognized by their slogan and logos. We have extensive examples, where people buy products just by having a look at the logo or slogan. Of course, this kind of Branding doesn’t happen overnight, but a steady and constant branding can gain such popularity. Constant advertisement done with the aid of graphic desi…

Fast Forward: Video content Goes Interactive and Personal

Marketing technology took a lot of big steps forward in 2015. Predictive analytics, engagement marketing, andaccount-based marketingall took hold, and companies like Facebook announced that more than 8 billion videos are viewed every day on their social network. Whoa, wait a minute, WHAT?! Yes, that’s a ridiculously huge number and just one of the many stats that suggest video is one of the hottest trends that marketers need to watch for.
Here are top five predictions for video marketing this coming year:
1. From lean-back to lean-forward On-demand video content primarily has been used for a one-way dialog with online audiences (much like other forms of content). Thus, viewers consumed a lean-back experience. This year, watching videos will become more active–and interactive. We’ll see more lean-forward opportunities with mid-roll surveys and questionnaires and choose-your-own-adventure-style videos that enable marketers to turn videos into two-way conversations and gather some important…

A Before and After Look of a School Bag - Case Study

Client: Manufacturers of bags, wallets, and accessories

Product: Schoolbags.
Clients requirement: Photo Shoot, cut out, retouching and colour correction of School bags
The Client, being one of the recurring customers of Honeycomb creative support, approached them again for a Photo shoot, cut out, retouching and colour correction of Schoolbags. The client wanted the output images to be separated (front, back, and top angle) in various standardized angles so that they can use it on multiple platforms. The clients also wanted a mannequin shot as well. 
Honeycomb creative support is a multi-channel graphic design agency based out of Koramangala, Bangalore.  Honeycomb handles the multiple graphic design works along with fine-art-printing and web developmental services. 
Honeycomb hired one of their regular Photographer and arranged for the Photoshoot of client’s product - school bags of various colours.  After receiving the digital images, Honeycomb design manager assigned the job to one of th…

Websites - The Proven method of Marketing Communications.

The modern businesses are always on the lookout for a massive platform which can help to gain a vast number of customers. Websites are one typical stage, which can attract a sea of people. Web sites, being a trendy and proven method of marketing communications, can help in soaring up the sales chart of a business. Let us see the five main features, which explains the essence of having a website.   
1) Brand building machine:
Web sites simply act as a brand-building machine. The customers, being digital-minded, more than often visit web sites to gauge the brand. Hence, it is imperative to possess a professional website which highlights your brand boldly whilst providing information about the offered services or products.
2) Web sites never sleeps: (Unless if you fail to pay domain and hosting charges!):
Web sites work 24/7/365 days. It gives the greatest advantage for businesses as the customers can visit and learn about their offered products/services anytime, anywhere.  The website con…

Journey Through the World of Visual Content (Infographic).

When it comes to captivating your audience, creating engaging contentis a critical piece of the puzzle that relies not only on the written content, but also the format. Visuals offer proven success when it comes to getting your audience to notice, engageandretain your content. Have you considered visualizing some of your content? Depending on your objectives, it can be an effective way to conceptualize your content: People following directions with text and illustrationsdo 323 % betterthan people following directions without illustrations. — NeoMamVisual content is more than40Xmore likely to get sharedon social media than other types of content. — BufferContent with relevant images gets94% more viewsthan content without relevant images. — KISS Metrics.Make Your Mark
The world of visual content can be tough to navigate, with some content cleverly disguised as entertainment. If you’re just getting started with visual content, or looking to optimize your visual content we’ve broken it down…

A Three-hour Standee Design that Stood up Tall - Case Study

Client: A leading supplier of technology and services in the areas of Mobility Solutions, industrial technology, and consumer goods. 
Clients requirement: Design of standee
Product: Innovative tool manufacturers.

A leading supplier of technology and services in the areas of Mobility Solutions, industrial technology, and consumer goods ,approached Honeycomb creative support for a master copy of Standee design.The client wanted a 3 X 6 feet standee design for their Oasis project which has to be delivered within the short span of three hours of time. Honeycomb Creative Support is a multi-channel graphic design agency based out of Koramangala, Bangalore. 
Honeycomb conducted an initial study of the client’s requirement and sent an appropriate estimation.  After receiving the work order, Honeycomb creative director held a conference call with the client along with his design team.  As per the discussion, the design work was allocated to three designers so as to provide three best options to t…

Strengthen your Business with Video Marketing

Video marketing is one of the best result oriented forms of marketing communications.  Today, businesses of all kind lean on the shoulders of Video marketing to achieve new heights in their verticals.  Video marketing signifies the strength of business. This novel trend has gained immense popularity because of its diverse advantages. Now let us see the four reasons which help us to understand why video marketing can strength the business. 1) People are going gaga over videos:
These are the days of tablets and smartphones. The technology has given a great advantage to people. Anyone and everyone can easily afford smartphones and internet. Hence the consumption of the internet has increased drastically which, in turn, paves the way to the high-end video consumption. Since the videos are free to watch, people with irrespective of age and gender, indulge in the glory of free videos. Thereby, giving a wide scope for business to market their product or services.
2) ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ are the…

3 Creative Ways to Boost Lead Generation with Video

B2B marketers, listen up. You’re focused on generating leads. It’s your M.O. It’s what you live and breathe. But, lets ask—are you utilizingvideos to boost your lead generation efforts? Video is a stronglead generationtool—a fact that is becoming more and more apparent to companies across all industries, from tech, to higher education, to healthcare. Through pre-video email gates, end-of video forms, and in-video CTAs, there are numerous ways to capture new contacts. Let’s explore3 ways to infuse your marketing activities with lead-generating videosso you can hit your goals, all while getting the biggest bang for your buck. 1. Campaign Landing PagesLanding pages are meant for conversion. But before you can get anyone to convert, you first have to grab their attention. That’s why the main purpose of videos on landing pages is to be catchy and engaging. Let’s say you’ve just written a snazzy new guide and you really want your audience to read it—but first you need for them to download it. …