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The Journey of a Sweet Packaging Design - Case Study

Client: A restaurant chain cum manufacturer of sweets

Product: Sweets of ten varieties

A leading restaurant chain cum sweet manufacturer in Bengaluru approached Honeycomb Creative Support  for photography of its sweet packaging design. Honeycomb conducted an initial study of the client’s requirement and sent an appropriate estimation.

Once the Work Order was received, Honeycomb fixed a meeting for the client’s brief.  The client visited our office and a detailed brief was taken by our Creative Director along with his design team.


  • To deliver a very upmarket packaging design for 10 sweets.
  • To deliver the design within a short deadline.
  • To set up and manage a high-class Product Photography shoot team.
  • Transferring the client’s visual design thoughts to the design team.

As per the client’s specifications, the biggest challenge of the project was to achieve a very upmarket quality of 10 different sweet packaging designs which should invariably be better or at least match with that of the client’s close competitors in design and outlook. 

Our Creative Director brainstormed with his design team and a professional Product Photography team had been hired and briefed about the shooting.  Our Creative Director pre-visualised the shoot and went from street to street and place to place to collect appropriate props that best suited the product. Tens of gleaming, colourful and shiny props had been purchased to uplift the theme of the product.

Challenges of utility management:
  • Collecting props that should add up to the theme of the product.
  • Gathering a whole set of props like plates and bowls within the budget.
  • Arranging a set of extra lighting utilities. 

On the pre-determined date, our Creative Director went along with the Product Photographer and his team for the shoot. As per the understanding, the client had arranged a well-furnished modern kitchen with fresh stocks of all their ten different sweets. The Photographer and his team worked on the setup of lighting and their shooting equipment. Once the varieties of props like curvy bowls, attractive tray and opulent plates of different materials had been set, a pre-test shoot was conducted. The intention was to capture the variety of moods and colour themes that describe the individual product in a subtle manner.  Next, the lights and props were adjusted until the best possible results were arrived at. 


  • Achieved a high quality Product Photo session.
  • Successfully used the props which added up to the product’s theme.
  • Managed to take quantitative raw photos which gave numerous choices.
  • Successfully transferred the client’s thoughts to the design team. 

After hours of dedicated shoots and reshoots, the raw photos were given to Honeycomb Creative Support. The raw photos were further distributed amongst the design team and they were briefed about the colour theme and treatment to be given to the design work.  After hours of strenuous work, the design team submitted the work to our Creative Director for inspection.  The work was further fine-tuned and sent for client’s approval.

The next two days saw  further fine-tuning and petty corrections before the final approval was given.  Post approval, Honeycomb recommended the best offset printer to the client and gave a master copy for printing. As per the recommendation, the client used the services of the printer at the best bargain.


  • Gave the client a number of options to select the final design.
  • Managed to satisfy the client with respect to their desired colour theme/ design output.
  • Managed to satisfy the client with respect to timely delivery of the product design.

The client being a manufacturer of sweets distributed varieties of sweets to the design team expressing their gratitude towards the commitment and dedication of Honeycomb Creative Support.  Thus, a business project which started with an enquiry call ended up in the distribution of sweets

Honeycomb Creative Support is a communication design agency based in Bangalore. We help companies for making their marketing communication materials like, Web-design & Development, Digital Marketing, Product & Corporate Video, Print collaterals, News Paper Proofing, Fine-art (Giclee) printing for photo/painting exhibitions. It also provide gallery space to showcase Artist’s works at Honeycomb Art Gallery. 

For requirements contact: 9845128760 or you can visit our website for more information.

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