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Eight Reasons why Corporate Videos are considered as the Angel of Marketing Communication

Marketing concept has been running along since ages and in all forms and styles.  A ground nut vendor has to scream a slogan (which in essence is nothing but marketing) for that matter.  Hence marketing is essential whether it is then or now.  Marketing in simpler terms is nothing but expressing oneself about their services or products to the outer world. Presently we live in a world which is digitalized. The technology has paved way to novel methods of marketing where one can reach the sea of people in very less time.  Amongst other models of marketing, Corporate Video is one such most vogue model which has grabbed the high attention. Now let us see the eight reason why films produced by corporate video production house has gained immense fad.    
1) Corporate videos are interesting and fun:

Corporate film production uses the theme of human emotions like bliss and melancholy. Most of the corporate video comes with the touchy elements and voice over that are interesting and fun to watch.  Hence more and more people, especially young generation indulge themselves in watching the corporate videos.  Since corporate videos are short and doesn’t need buffering like the beginning of internet days, people watch it more openly.  This aspect has given rise to the high consumption of Corporate videos.

2) A perfect Corporate communication:

Corporate videos, created logically and creatively can be the best possible corporate communication that businesses can offer confidently. The videos can give them a wide exposure and educate the common audience about their products or offered services. The corporate videos can also announce special offers, combo offers, campaigns, competitions and prizes and seasonal announcements.  People those who watch such  videos tend to participate actively. Hence videos created by corporate film production house act as perfect communication tool for the businesses.

3) Testify the audience:

An audience becomes a customer only when he/she finds the trust factor. Hence today amongst the big fishes of business world, it is imperative to establish a trust factor. A corporate video that displays testimonials can do miraculous job of gaining the trust of new customers.  Testimonials, in simpler terms, is nothing but the positive opinion of existing customers about products or services of business. It is notable factor that many people buy products based on the number of testimonials they find on the video.  A corporate video created by Corporate film makers can do the justice of testifying the audience.     

4) Infographic and explainer video:

Today common people don’t have much time or patience to go through the technicalities of long business contents.  They expect to get educated in minimal time and in the easiest way. The business world which understands this very fact, uses infographics and explainer videos productions. These type of corporate videos educates the customers in minimal time with graphical representation.  Since infographics and animations are simple to understand and fun to watch, people indulge themselves.  Hence videos made by Animation explainer video production  are gaining popularity.          

5) Lively Animation:

Animation of all forms are lively and attractive.  People love to watch the funny characters and colourful background of animation setup. Hence business world today uses animations in their business video to make it look livelier, funny, attractive and colourful.  We have many examples of animated corporate videos going viral.    

6) Increased internet consumption:

The internet consumption has increased drastically. The smartphone revolution has made the people to access the internet easily and at affordable cost. Today we see more people on the internet than on physical stores. Hence  videos posted on YouTube and Facebooks are viewed liberally giving a vast exposure to the company.      

7) Audience engagement:

Business videos which comes with a good human theme and story told highlighting the emotional aspects are always welcomed with wide arms. It easily engages the audience. Most of the audience who view such videos feel the emotions of characters of video and easily gets moved.  The engaged audience tend to share the videos among their social circles and this gives a wide exposure to the company.

8) Corporate videos are free to watch:

Since the business wants a wide exposure, they upload their corporate videos on social media at free of cost, and expect no subscriptions.  This gives liberty to everyone in watching it since social media also doesn’t ask for any payment.  Anything that comes as free is generally consumed heavily thus giving a massive exposure to companies through their corporate video. 

Corporate video, the popular model of marketing has well synced in with the modern day’s digital world. Currently, irrespective of generation, profession, gender and interests, people indulge themselves into the spicy flavour of business videos without hesitation.  Hence not just businesses but even the general audience today see the corporate videos as the angel of marketing communications.    


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