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Honeycomb Celebrates 8th Anniversary!

Honeycomb begins its 8th year with celebration and on the onset of the same the Honeycomb team gathered together to have a fun-filled day with a tasty lunch. Employees were rewarded and they also showcased their talents through Mimicry and singing. A fun game session of Musical Chair added to the excitement. The 8th year is planned to create a lot more buzz! Stay tuned! 

Honeycomb hosted a field trip for the international school, Vibgyor High!

Yesterday (25.06.2015) Honeycomb hosted a field trip for the international school, Vibgyor High. Our little guests, class five students, eagerly absorbed all the information pertaining to the various departments comprising Honeycomb: Creative, Video Production, Web Design and Fine Art Printing, Product Photography. As the various department heads, along with other Honeycombers, explained how Honeycomb produces its creative offerings, the receptive students took in all this education, alert and awed. Our creative director, Sajeevan: a real wiz with illustrations, proved especially popular with the kids, as they saw a strikingly beautiful illustration take shape right before their very eyes. Our team, Sreekumar, Darshan, Kiran Keshav, Keerthi Mohan, Maneesh, Vinay, Nizar, Jubin, Biju, jinju, Koushik shared their knowledge and experience.
For Honeycomb, it was a gratifying sight to not just wow our clients, but the eager, enquiring minds that shall build the future.

Photostop photography exhibition, June 2015

Photostop Photography exhibition is an initiative by Honeycomb Creative support [P] & Bengaluru School of Arts and Photography (BSOAP). It was a follow-up of our national level photography contest called the Photostop Photo contest 2015.This is the second version of the previous year’s Photostop photography contest and exhibition.
Photostop is a brand owned by Honeycomb Creative Support [P] Ltd. It is into fine art printing on high quality archival medias. It has also an online art photography gallery that helps professional Photographers and Photography enthusiasts market their creativity.
The best out of the lot from the Photo contest were shortlisted and were exhibited at the renowned art gallery, Karnataka ChitraKala Parishath, Bengaluru on 5th, 6th and 7th June 2015. Prints left everybody spellbound. They were put for a sale for the benefit of a charitable organisation along with royalty being shared with the photographers.

Shorlisted Photographers:

Inauguration day was marked by…