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A Jumbo Exhibition

The magnificent beauty of Indian and African elephants in their natural habitat, captured by the lenses of talented photographers, were on display at Rangoli Metro Art center on Sunday.

The exhibition was organized by a group called “Friends of elephants” which hopes to create awareness about the cruelty faced by these animals at the hands of humans.

The images were selected from over 800 images sent by around 160 photographers from across the globe. Each photograph showcased different moods of the elephants.
Three best photographs from the exhibition won coupons worth Rs. 12,000 from Darter photography. Seven other good photographs received by Honeycomb’s Photostop which would entail free printing of photographs at the venue. Photostop is into archival printing and hence photographers achieve the exact colors and shades.
This group, “Friends of Elephants” has been organizing such one day awareness programmes at the gallery since January 2014 and hope to continue it every month. They…

Himatrix, a Journey...Not a Story!

Success starts with an idea and the idea comes from an unalloyed determination to create the extraordinaire. And there are so many success stories, etched with the same passion as the individuals who have achieved it.

Understanding & empathizing with an individual’s thought process, that involves stepping into that person’s shoes, creates a great sense of appreciation for that individual. Sharing these success stories in a writer’s words may sometimes not be enough to create the perfect impact on the reader. It just means that the story being shared, do not have the words to express the individual’s success. So we decided to let this brilliant individual’s words reach your thoughts directly. A brief intro about this individual should acquaint you with his entrepreneurial progress.

Nadeer Ali, born in 1976 in Thiruvilwamala, a small village in Thrissur, is the second son in his family with three siblings, a father who was a taxi driver and a homemaker mother. His father moved to Oma…