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Artist of the Week - Anand Sharan

Anand Sharan is an Indian photographer based in Bangalore. He did his schooling in Bishop Cotton Boys' School and graduated with B.A Honours in Economics from Central College.

His father and grandfather were both government employees. Following their footsteps Anand Sharan was the Managing Director of Marketing Consultant and Agencies Ltd which is a Government of India undertaking Company for Advertisements and Event Management. He abandoned his successful career being an artist in heart and took up photography.
He started off as an advertising photographer since he knew this field from his previous stint but now he concentrates mainly on Fine Art Photography, he captures monuments, people and Indian tradition to keep them alive for future generations.

He has a particular interest in Black and White photography. He also has surreal painting and sketching as his hobby.

Anand Sharan was inspired by T S Satyan who was India’s earliest and eminent photojournalist, also a family friend. Satyan began his journalism career with a state English daily and worked for The Illustrated Weekly before quitting the profession to become a freelancer and take up the assignments of UNICEF.

International recognition came to him in 1998 when he was invited to participate in Florence Biennale, sponsored by the Italian Government and UNESCO but he could not attend the same because he could not afford it at that time. Click here for more information: Florence Biennale

In July 2006 Saatchi Gallery (London) while complimenting him on his high standard of work, invited him to post his pictures on their official website, with audience worldwide. For images posted by Anand Sharan in Saatchi Gallery click here: Saatchi Gallery

Anand Sharan was presented with the 8th Annual Black and White Spider Awards Nominee in the category of `People` at a prestigious Nomination & Winners PhotoShow. The live online ceremony webcast on the Saturday, October 19, 2013 was attended by photography fans across the globe. Black and White Spider Awards  is the most prestigious  international award honouring  Black and White Photography. 9,456 entries were received from 75 countries.The jury represents some of the biggest names in the industry.
To name a few, The Tate Gallery (London),National Geographic, Fahey / Klien
Gallery (USA), FTM Advisory ( UK ), Baudoin Lebon ( France ) For more information click here: Black and White Spider Awards

He currently teaches photography at Bengaluru School of Arts and Photography (BSOAP) and is the director of the institute. He has taught students from more than 300 corporate companies. For more information click here: BSOAP

For more photographs by Anand Sharan click here: Anand Sharan
To connect to Anand Sharan on Facebook click here: AS Facebook

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